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Gelato Experience

At Benito’s, we don’t want you to just have some ice cream, we want to you to enjoy the gelato experience, or as we like to call it “un regalo per la bocca!”  In order to fully appreciate the gift for the mouth that is Benito’s Gelato, we want to give you a bit of gelato history.

What is Gelato?
Steeped in Italian tradition, gelato is a frozen treat that originated hundreds of years ago.  In Tuscany, traditional gelato was made with milk, eggs, sugar, cream, and other natural ingredients. In Sicily, due to the hot weather, the frozen treat was made with water, fresh fruit, and sugar.

Today, gelaterie (gelato shops) flourish on every street corner in Italy. Modern machinery helps create a smoother consistency by quickening the freezing process. This delightful treat has up to 80 percent less fat than American ice cream. It has a velvety texture that melts in your mouth without leaving any unpleasant coating.  Gelato has no more than 8 percent fat, much less than American ice cream.  Its flavorings and fresh fruits are more intense and purer in form. 

The Benito’s Gelato Experience
Benito’s gelato is 100% natural.  With time-tested artisan methods and a family recipe tweaked by Judy Bellos (of Ces and Judy’s), Benito’s handcrafted gelato is made fresh daily in small quantities, assuring that each flavor lives up to its original, exacting standards. The focus is on simple, quality ingredients delivering big tastes! 

The intense flavors of our gelato come from actual fruits, roasted nuts, spices, liqueurs, imported chocolates, and coffees.  No powders, artificial flavorings or mixes are ever used.  Our Italian imported gelato machines freeze the product at a slow speed, allowing the minimum amount of air to enter the cream.  This technology results in a product that is smoother, creamier and more flavorful than commercial ice creams, and a product that beats the competition hands-down in a taste test.